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André Rieu


The Dutch violinist André Rieu has been performing for over 30 years – he is not only a great artist, he is the “King of Waltz” himself. Thousands of fans worldwide love his beautiful combinations of waltz, musical and opera. This artist surely knows how to give a romantic but also funny performance. There are about 600 000 of fans present at his concerts every year what makes him more popular than Coldplay, Elton John or even Madonna. His upcoming world tournée will again include Poland – join us in ERGO ARENA on Mai 26th 2018.

André Rieu offers us the best entertainment – popular, romantic, emotional melodies, various surprises, jokes and world class soloists. Rieu’s charisma, passion and energy provide unique experiences. Together with his Johann Strauss orchestra, André Rieu initiated the revival of waltz music. His shows attract people of all generations and nationalities. One thing is guaranteed: sooner or later everyone in the venue is on their feet, dancing.

André Rieu: ”People keep writing to me that it takes them about two weeks after the concert before things get back to normal. It’s really great to feel this energy and happiness always when we perform.”

Rieu’s story is simply amazing: ”The Maestro for the Masses” (Wall Street Journal) sold over 40 million of CDs and DVDs, reached the top of international charts more than 30 times, received over 500 platinum records and three Brit-Awards ”Album of the Year awards”. His YouTube videos were watched over billion times. Rieu has 2 400 000 Facebook fans. His Johann Strauss orchestra is the biggest private band in the world with members from 10 countries.

André Rieu has been married for over 40 years. Together with his wife Marjorie, Rieu lives in a beautiful, built in 1452, castle in his hometown of Maastricht, the Netherlands. The Rieus have two sons and five grandchildren.

This year André Rieu is performing in Germany, Mexico, Israel, the East and the North of Europe, the Netherlands, Argentina and, finally, again in ERGO ARENA. Get your tickets and live the magic with André Rieu in Poland in 2018.



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