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Anna Królikiewicz ‘From the Ceiling, from the Oak, from the Carrot’

04.10 - 03.11

The exhibition is open: from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 - 19:00

Vernissage: October 3, 2019 at 19:00


Curator: Emilia Orzechowska

Anna Królikiewicz exhibition ‘From the Ceiling, from the Oak, from the Carrot’ and the premiere of the book ‘Międzyjęzyk’

We're back to the body. To the truths felt by touch, smell, taste and sound. The ritual of Western modernism can be seen as a way of being in a world in which we still position ourselves in reality in opposition. We assess objects eruditionally - including art objects and their visual layer - from a critical distance, from the outside. But it is immersion in the world, living in it, and being inside that stimulates direct experience. This is a deep form of aesthetic commitment. During the crisis of values that we are currently experiencing, immersive practices are an expression of the need to change the relationship based on the duality of subject and object. The need for ‘embodiment’, entanglement, reciprocity, seeking community - including at the table - and the need to renew a common language are growing. Interpersonal. Interlanguage (Międzyjęzyk). *

Retrospective, but enriched with new objects, the exhibition by Anna Królikiewicz ‘From the Ceiling, from the Oak, from the Carrot’, curated by Emilia Orzechowska, as well as the monographic publication ‘Międzyjęzyk’ are the expression of the foundation of the senses and art based on it.

Anna Królikiewicz, a practitioner of painting and large-format drawing, shown at the State Art Gallery at the individual exhibition Absence in 2000, has not used brushes and paints for almost a decade. She turned them into food matter to be closer to the recipient, in relational practice. The art of food, passing through the bowels, leaves a trail, fills with reflection, without cluttering the space and archives in the era of compulsive overproduction. By operating a range of immersive artistic forms and practices, Królikiewicz and Orzechowska develop subtle dramaturgy that allows visitors to enter immersive spaces assigned to individual senses: there is room for olfactory work, sound work, visual artefacts from performances, and taste elements. A concave relief boring the wall surface is adjacent to a softly convex object, hard is next to a fluffy one, monumental next to a crushed one. There will also be a metaphor of a table rich in everyday rejects, kitchen and studio utensils raised to the rank of objects, sketches and notes of the artist. Surrounded by ubiquitous, cool technology and in a situation of alienation from the world, I appeal for touch, contact, and authentic immersion in experience and matter. Only what is spotted counts.

During the exhibition opening, there will be a sound performance by Mikołaj Trzaska and Ken Vandermark using the principles of language, its performativity and phonic aspects of words.

Cooperation: NEON streetfood bar, BJK Architects, Desdemona Club

Place: State Art Gallery

Date:04.10 - 03.11

Hour: - - 00:00

Tickets: 10 PLN, Concessions - 7 PLN, family ticket - 18 PLN

Category Kultura

Address: Plac Zdrojowy 2, 81-720 Sopot



Phone: 585510621

Fax: 585513262

Organizer: National Gallery of Art

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