Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

'My name is red'

27.09 - 12.01

My Name is Red is an exhibition whose title was borrowed from the famous novel by Orhan Pamuk. The position of red on the artistic palette of colours remains unique and undoubtedly different from the position of other colours. The purpose of the exhibition is to show viewers the extraordinary power of its influence. This will be served by works of Polish art created over the last hundred years, whose characteristic feature is the motif of red. Exhibitions based on a similar concept have been organised abroad previously but the Sopot exhibition will be the first such event in Poland.

Red is seen as a symbol of life, strength and splendour; it recalls both the image of blood and fire. It is hard to find a timbre with more opposing or even mutually exclusive connotations. It can be said that the richness of red - and its related colours - is virtually limitless: it enlivens and attracts, brightens and tempts, or on the contrary: it arouses fear and announces death, burns and destroys. Red is a colour that gives a sense of security and improves mood, but is anxious in excess. Only the individual sensitivity depends on how the border between these states can run.

On two levels of the gallery, you will be able to look at dozens of works - both realistic and abstract - created at different times, using different techniques, in different styles and in different conventions of painting. It is actually harder to limit more than reducing the entire exhibition to the story of one colour. At the same time, this is the paradox of the curator's idea: limiting it to only one colour to show the diversity of possible solutions and the multitude of artistic strategies. Limitation, which becomes a challenge; limitation, the purpose of which is to show wealth. Art has developed many strategies for incorporating red into its autonomous world. The exhibition will talk about them. Thus, there will appear works presenting and dramatic symbolic wounds, and purely formal colour solutions. Among the presented works we will find feminist threads and such a look at the colour that makes red the colour of femininity. Their authors are artists of different generations, using different forms of expression, sometimes making a self-denial gesture, sometimes expressing themselves in an aesthetic form. Artists facing the same question, providing so different answers.

The exhibition will include many artistic meetings and confrontations, clash of different attitudes and aesthetic solutions. Oil paintings, sculptures, graphics, drawings, fabrics, spatial installations, video films - all these various techniques will be implemented in the dominant range of reds. The exhibition sets an artistic and aesthetic goal to show the richness and intensity of red in the world of art yesterday and today.

The works that will be on display come from public and private collections from around the country. In addition, several works will be created especially for this exhibition. These will include works by Wojciech Gilewicz, Magdalena Kacperska, Bartosz Kokosiński, Grzegorz Kozera, Robert Kuśmirowski, Urszula Madera, Anna Reinert, Agnieszka Sandomierz, Jan Wyżykowski and others.

The State Art Gallery in Sopot once again undertakes to implement a pioneering curatorial idea based on a great exploration effort and no less exhibition potential. Bogusław Deptuła

The works presented at the exhibition come from the collections of Artists, Fibak Collection Gallery, Piekary Gallery, Starmach Gallery, Zachęta - National Gallery of Art, private collections, among others: Urszula and Piotr Hofman, Grzegorz Król, Rafał Labijak, Grzegorz Musiał, Krzysztof Musiał, Katarzyna Orzeszek, Maria and Marek Pilecki, Piotr Sarzyński.

September 28, 2019 - January 12, 2020

The exhibition is open: from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 - 19:00 Preview: September 27 at 19:30 Partners: Bogusław Deptuła

Place: Państwowa Galeria Sztuki

Date:27.09 - 12.01

Hour: - - 00:00

Tickets: 10 PLN. Concessions - 7 PLN. Family ticket - 18 PLN. Group ickets (min. 20 persons) - 4 PLN/person (Karta Sopocka: 5 PLN)

Category Kultura

Address: Plac Zdrojowy 2, 81-720 Sopot



Phone: 585510621

Fax: 585513262

Organizer: National Gallery of Art

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