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‘Secrets of Life According to Leonard Cohen’ concert

25.10 , 18:00 - 20:00

The soloist of the ‘Secrets of Life According to Leonard Cohen’ concert will be one of the most outstanding and charismatic Polish vocalists, Lora Szafran, who will be accompanied by the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Sopot, conducted by Maestro Rajski and a 6-person music band led by Miłosz Wośka.

The concert will feature wonderful songs loved by the audience of Leonard Cohen and translated into Polish:

  1. The Guests (Polish: Maciej Zembaty)

  2. Suzanne (Polish words: Maciej Zembaty)

  3. First We Take Manhatten (Polish: Maciej Zembaty)

  4. A Thousand Kisses Deep (Polish words: Maciej Zembaty)

  5. Dance Me to the End of Love (Polish words: Maciej Zembaty)

  6. Who By Fire (Polish: Maciej Zembaty)

  7. If It Be Your Will (Polish: Maciej Zembaty)

  8. In My Secret Life (Polish words: Paweł Orkisz)

  9. Here It Is (Polish: Daniel Wyszogrodzki)

  10. Famous Blue Raincoat (Polish: Maciej Zembaty)

  11. Hallelujah (Polish words: Daniel Wyszogrodzki)


Lora Szarfan, vocals

Rhythm section under the direction of Miłosz Wośka

Polish Chamber Philharmonic Sopot

Wojciech Rajski, conductor

The sponsor of the concert is Bank MILLENNIUM S.A.

The concert is presented with the financial assistance of the City of Sopot.

Place: Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra

Date:25.10 , 18:00 - 20:00

Hour: 18:00 - 20:00

Tickets: 35 PLN (Karta Sopocka: 25 PLN)

Category Kultura

Address: Moniuszki 12, 81-829 Sopot



Phone: +48585558421

Fax: +48585558428

Organizer: Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra

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