Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Sopot for Children

Clean sand on the beach, perfect for making mud pies and building castles as well as safe swimming facilities are not the only attractions that Sopot can offer to its youngest tourists.

Every year new beach playgrounds are being built near gastronomic facilities, some of them even offer opportunity of leaving children in care of qualified staff.

Older children also willingly use one of many water equipment rental (boards, catamarans, kayaks) or rides on the popular ,,banana” and high-speed motorboat.

Moreover Sopot sailing clubs offer possibility of training and spending holidays under sails in Sopot. When the weather does not encourage sunbathing, water attractions for all families provides Aquapark Sopot, municipal swimming pool and numerous spa centers in Sopot hotels.

Sopot is a perfect place to spend holiday for active children – horse riding schools in the beautiful Sopot Hippodrome, tennis courses on the open courts or inside the balloons, bike paths along the beach, track for roller-skating or areas for the forest escapades are at your fingertips.

Sopot ancient Settlement provides extraordinary encounters with history of the city. It is the place where in modern and very interesting way you can learn about early Slavs’ life and… meet a real warrior.

Sopot theaters offer multiple performances, including ,,outdoor” spectacle for children. National Gallery of Art organizes artistic workshops even for preschoolers. Many clubs offer special corners for the youngest, furthermore there are also literary café where everyone will find an interesting book just for himself.

In winter Sopot invites the youngest on a skating rink located on the famous pier and on Łysa Góra where you can ski or in snow park.


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