Stowarzyszenie turystyczne Sopot

Sopot Public Library

Municipal Public Library in Sopot was founded in 1946. Within the town of Sopot library network consists of the Main Library (Rental for Adult, Children and Youth, Reading Laboratory and Computer Labolatory for children and youth) and six branches.

Sopot Public Library is universal library, It collects and provides materials in all fields of knowledge for every group of users: academic and scientific books, popular science, fiction for adults and children, documents of social life, special collections including audiobooks, multimedia programs and database. Collections are available in the reading rooms or can be rented home. Inhabitants of Sopot may use the library free of charge.

Sopot Public Library works in a computer library service - PATRON 2.5. Readers can view an electronic catalog at any location. The library provides access to EBSCO database and offers various multimedia programs. Moreover the library has a wide assortment of books in foreign languages. Furthermore, the library has a collection (originals or photocopies) of historical publication relating to the past of Sopot, including books published before 1939 and collection of photographs (mostly pre-1939) showing each part of the city. The library also offers a collection of XX-century maps and plans of Sopot and provides photocopies of architectural documentation done before 1939.

What is more, the library offers about 90 titles of magazines: newspapers, weeklies, scientific and computer magazines. Some of them are gathered in the annals. In addition to periodicals appearing in Sopot in recent years - „Gazeta Miasta Sopot”, „Rocznik Sopocki”, „Tygodnik Sopocki”, „Ilustrowany Kuryer Sopocki”, "Kuryer Sopocki", „Perła Bałtyku”, The library also offers photocopies of nineteenth-century Sopot press annals: "Zoppoter Bade-Blatt" and "Kallisto".

Besides basic activity Sopot Public Library is active at cultural and educational activities to promote reading among adults and children. The library organizes meetings with famous writers, artists and people of culture (such as popular series of meetings ,,Biesiady Literackie", where the guests were: Magdalena Środa, Elżbieta Dzikowska, Piotr Kraśko, Anna Seniuk, Jarosław Kret, Mirosław Hermaszewski, Olga Lipińska, prof. Jerzy Bralczyk, ks. Adam Boniecki, Martyna Wojciechowska, Szymon Hołownia, Janusz Głowacki, Radosław Sikorski, Wojciech Jagielski, Anna Milewska etc.); Meetings in discussion Book Club, literary and art classes for children (accompanied by reading aloud and creative art and movement play); performances of theater ,,Pacynka" (based on well-known and lesser-known fairy tales, fables, legends and stories); literary and poetry contests ( including competition ,,O Złote Pióro Sopotu") plastic and recitation; library lessons. Furthermore, the library organizes exhibitions (paintings, photography, embroidery); lectures ( historical, travel, regarding to health and healthy eating); fairs of cheap book and miscellaneous bazaar; occasional events for children (for example. Santa's Day, Children's Day, Cat's Day, Teddy Bear's Day). In addition, the library conducts computer courses and digital photography and imaging courses for inhabitants of Sopot under the banner: ,,Samozwańcza Katedra Informatyki Podstawowej dla Seniorów".

Sopot Public Library within ministral projects realized tasks such as: ,,Literary-musical Sopot meeting with literary creation of Zbigniew Herbert" within Herbertowski Year and ,,Sopot. Fairy Tales about houses and people- literary meeting with architecture and history." Sopot Public Library also participates in project ,,Quality Ageing in an Urban Environment" co-financed by European Union under the Programme for Central Europe.

Sopot Public Library took first place in national contest ,,Library - local center of information, culture and education". Furthermore, Sopot Public Library was awarded the title ,,Master of the reading promotion" for taking second place in competition ,,The most active library of 2007" and a special award in 2010 for the laureates of previous edition of competition ,, Master of the Promotion of Reading" organized by Association of Polish Librarians and Polish Chamber of Books on the occasion World Book Day and Copyright for maintaining high level of dissemination of books and reading.

Address: Obrońców Westerplatte 16

Miejscowość: 81-706 Sopot



Phone: 58 551-12-87

Fax: 58 550-08-90

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